Spot Rack, Log Rack at RackSpotter!  

Decorative Rack in Annapolis

AnnapolisRackCloseWe, the people on bikes, need to know where bike racks are so we can advocate for more bike parking and find a parking spot when we arrive at our destination.

BikeArlington recently launched RackSpotter to catalog bike parking inventory and needs in the greater Washington DC region and beyond. RackSpotter is a free, crowdsourced tool available for web browsers and smartphones that can be used to identify bike parking locations. BikeArlington has agreed to share the relevant information from RackSpotter with BikeAAA. We just need to populate RackSpotter with racks in AA County!

What’s in it for you? The locations are instantly compiled and added to the map and made available for search. When planning a trip or arriving at a location, you can use RackSpotter to search an area for bike parking.

What’s in it for us? Planning professionals will be able to use this information to detail and inventory current bicycle parking. Bike racks are installed by various groups including local government, private developers and other groups, so maintain an accurate inventory is difficult. Using this tool, planners will be able to better identify bike parking need across the region.


New Bike Racks Coming!

There are several programs underway to install more bike racks throughout the county and Annapolis.    Read more about it at More Bike Racks and Repair Stands Are Coming!