Cycling Without Age Anne Arundel (CWA) exists to connect the most isolated seniors with their local communities and share the joy of being outside through free “trishaw” bike rides piloted by volunteers. The trishaws provide 1-2 passengers with relaxing rides in their community with our current focus on senior care homes, especially assisted living and memory care residents.

Your support makes this all possible!

Second Trishaw Fundraiser! We are working hard to raise $15,000 to purchase a second trishaw. Click here to view more details about our current progress and all of the upcoming fundraising events. To make a donation to help us reach our goal and provide more “miles of smiles”, please click here to donate.

Less exciting, but just as needed are funds to support our maintenance expenses, training costs, etc. If you would like to donate to help with these costs, please click here to donate to our General Fund

Volunteer Opportunities

We are an all-volunteer program sponsored by an all-volunteer organization. Volunteers make this possible. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the fun! We will need more pilots once we have a second trishaw (Hint: you can speed that up with a donation!) We provide training and you provide the leg power (with electric assist making it easy for anyone) and conversation with our lovely passengers! The result – miles of smiles and plenty of “wind in the hair” experiences. Interested in helping? Please click here or email us at

Our Mission

Started in 2012 by Ole Kassow in Copenhagen, Denmark, Cycling Without Age now has thousands of chapters around the world. The Mission of Cycling Without Age is to help isolated and immobile individuals feel connected to their community and we do that by giving free rides on a specially designed bike called a Trishaw. The guiding principles of Cycling Without Age are generosity, relationships, storytelling, slowness, without age.

Cycling Without Age is not just about riding a bicycle; it’s about creating lasting connections, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting the well-being of senior citizens. This initiative empowers individuals to experience the exhilaration of outdoor cycling.

As only the second chapter in Maryland, CWA Anne Arundel currently operates in Severna Park and Annapolis. CWA creates positive energy. The most powerful part of this program are the smiles and connections made between participants and the greater community. Some of the biggest smiles we get are during rides on the Severna Park section of the scenic B&A Trail, part of the East Coast Greenway.

Program Impacts

Strengthening Community Bonds: This program is about forging deep connections and creating memories. Volunteer pilots take seniors on bike rides, encouraging meaningful conversations and building bridges between generations.

Improving Health and Well-Being: Cycling Without Age is building better lives for seniors by addressing the issues of social isolation and loneliness. For many seniors, mobility can become a challenge as they age. Cycling Without Age reintroduces the thrill of movement, granting them the freedom to explore their surroundings and relive cherished memories from their youth.

It has been shown that giving seniors this opportunity has a positive impact on both their mental and physical health. Data from a gerontologist with another CWA program showed improvements in mood, outlook, social & community connections for seniors. Anecdotal evidence shows similar results.

Gary Hardy from Colorado shares feedback from senior care professionals about the impact of CWA rides for seniors:

How We Started

This is the webinar we offered as we were starting our program in early 2023 that covers the history of CWA in general and our specific program.

Cycling Without Age Program Seminar

Media and Photos

Click below for a recent feature on the program from WMAR-TV:

Here are some photos of our pilots and passengers

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Learn more about Cycling Without Age in the US at and the global program at

These videos give the history and show how Cycling Without Age operates.

Cycling Without Age – Copenhagen

Cycling Without Age – Colorado (PBS video)

Ole (founder of Cycling Without Age)

TEDxCopenhagenSalon | Cycling Without Age | Ole Kassow

The Gray Escape (English version)

Key Facts (as of December 2021):

  • Founded in 2012 Copenhagen DK
  • Represented in 52 countries
  • 2,700 chapters Internationally
  • 58 chapters in the US
  • Over 2.5 million people served
  • 3,700 trishaws operated by 35,000 pilots
  • Oldest pilot is 90 (Denmark)
  • Oldest passenger is 110 (California)