County Exec Steve Schuh signs bill 7-18 at the County Bike Commission Meeting, October, 2018

This important bill assures that all modes of transportation including biking, walking, transit and motorized vehicles are considered when residential or commercial developments are planned and approved. Historically, only motorized traffic has been considered and facilities were added that either neglected the other modes or worse, created hazards. This bill helps assure that Complete Streets Resolution 45-14 unanimously passed by the County Council in 2014 will be implemented. This legislation was initiated by the Anne Arundel County Bicycle Advisory Commission
and then a working group comprised of reps from the Bike Commission, Maryland Building Industries Association (MBIA), County Office of Transportation and County Office of Law developed this mutually agreed bill which was then vetted with county Planning & Zoning, Public Works and Inspections & Permits. BikeAAA supported the bill as did MBIA and the Alliance for Livable Communities.    Implementation will be overseen by the County office of Transportation in coordination with other departments.
This is a vital step in the county’s effort to build a safe interconnected network of biking,
walking and transit routes. It provides for bike/ped connections among neighborhoods, schools, employment, transit, shopping, recreation and other destinations.

The approved bill can be found HERE.