BikeAAA teamed up with Capital Gazette running columnist Bob Cawood to remind all trail users whether on foot or wheels of their safety responsibilities. Read the April 18,2021 story by clicking HERE and click for a refresher on the county Trail Rules or see below:

All Trail Users

  • Respect other trail users, private property, and trail property
  • Travel on the right side of the trail
  • Move completely off the trail when stopped
  • Observe road crossing and other signage
  • Never enter a crosswalk until clear of oncoming traffic in both directions
  • Do not use earbuds that impede your hearing of other trail users
  • Pay attention to your surroundings, not your cellphone
  • Use short leashes and clean up after your pet
  • Notify emergency services in case of an accident or incident. For police or fire call 911
  • Use care around horses

Pedestrians, Runners and Personal Mobility Device Users

  • Stay to the right, no more than 2 abreast; allow room for others to safely pass
  • Maintain a straight and predictable line
  • Do not stop or turnaround without looking ahead AND behind you

Bicycle and Other Wheeled Device Users (skates, scooters, ellipticals, etc)

  • Racing or riding in a reckless manner is prohibited. No pace lines.
  • Always give pedestrians the right of way.
  • Pass cautiously on the left single file when safe to do so – clear sight line, no oncoming trail users; while always giving an audible warning, for example, “Passing on your left” or ringing your bell.
  • Obey posted bike speed limits, never exceeding 15 MPH on the Trails
  • Use extra caution around children and congested areas
  • Use bike racks and always lock your bike

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