The Cycling Without Age Program is up to speed with a fleet of trained “pilots”, is now taking clients on excursions on the B&A Trail and was recently featured in two local publications.

Cycling Without Age is a local program modeled after a global organization aimed at reducing social isolation and increasing both mental and physical health for the elderly.  It provides companionship by having one or two passengers ride in a specially designed trishaw with one dedicated volunteer (the pilot) whose sole purpose is to create a unique outdoor adventure and friendly conversation. Pilots and passengers can explore the community riding along safe bike paths, visit with neighbors, and stop at local businesses in their community. Passengers return with stories of what they have seen and conversations about where they want to go next.

The trishaw setup allows for two passengers to take a leisurely outing with a “pilot” at the pedals. These vehicles have motor assist, so even novice cyclists are capable of driving them. Thanks to Sandy Bishop, who is on the board of directors of Bicycle Advocates for Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, or Bike AAA, the residents at Sunrise Senior Living of Severna Park, with whom the program has partnered, now have the chance to experience nature and community aboard a trishaw. “Reception has been exceptional,” said Bishop.

The Severna Park Voice featured the program recently on its website: Bicycling Advocate Brings Trishaw To The Trail and in a WMAR News 2 Baltimore Piece:

Bishop’s larger vision involves a whole fleet of trishaws and other adaptive vehicles in Anne Arundel County and beyond. In the European model of Cycling Without Age, the rides are often done in groups and made into social outings for ice cream or coffee, she said. Achieving that goal would require more trishaws, and therefore more funding.

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